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Guest Posting on Tendance Fourmis

19 August, 2011

I’m guest posting up a storm this week! Today I’m over on the AWESOME French blog, Tendance Fourmis, as part of the lovely Julie’s series posing the thought “If tomorrow I was getting married I would…” Since I’m definitely not getting married tomorrow (unless, of course, I do a Tara Reid while I’m in Greece – one just never knows!) my post is all about some very very special people in my life: my friends. I love how a wedding can also be an opportunity for bonding with your girls, and I wanted to celebrate that. Plus, I am SUPER excited to be on an international blog (where Julie has translated my rough English to smooth as silk French. I feel sooooo sophisticated, darlings!). Rush over and show us some blog love.

PS I’m off to Greece this afternoon, but I have posts lined up to keep you company all week, so see you back on Monday!

Image: Monica Dart

Celebrity Inspiration: Kate Moss

19 August, 2011

Image via the Daily Mail

It’s entirely possible that you’re bored of reading about Kate Moss’s wedding by now, since the whole of wedding world’s been posting about it all week. But, just like the Royal Wedding, it would be remiss of me not to write about it at all because, as much as I hate to admit it, this wedding was iconic. I’m not the hugest fan of the stylish Ms Moss (naked pictures with your young daughter as part of your wedding pics. Really?), but I’ve got to say, the girl knows how to throw a set of nuptials. I mean, it helps that everyone at her wedding was ridiculously photogenic. And of course, it didn’t hurt that Mario Testino took what are quite probably the most gorgeous wedding pictures EVER. But really, it was the seamless (and personal) fusion of sweet English countryside, Gatsby glam and good old fashioned rock ‘n roll that really made it special. Three things I never would have thought would go together so well, and they did. Bravo, Kate. *Tips imaginary hat*

‘Moss-stock’, as it was dubbed, took place at the beginning of July, the same day onse Charlene was weeping into her hankie as she married Prince Albert. Kate wed rocker Jamie Hince at a beautiful country church in the Cotswolds, in a truly spectacular dress by disgraced designer John Galliano. She was surrounded by a gaggle of little girls – 16 bridesmaids in all, offspring of models and slebs and no doubt the supermodel Class of 2020 – and had a stunning reception in a carnival tent with teepees for the children and custom cocktails for the adults. Guests even had access to a ‘second looks’ tent to change into their evening garb, which was kitted out like a Hollywood boudoir. English weddings can be a little samey, but Kate took the formula (pretty church, young bridesmaids, marquee reception) and turned it into something really special with a touch of glitz and a sprinkling of Midsummer Night’s Dream fairydust. No denying it, it was spectacular.

Images: Mario Testino for Vogue, via everywhere

Steal their style

Two things I adored about Kate’s ceremony look. One, the slinky 1920s-style dress. And two, that veil. Beautiful, non?

Images: Top – Mario Testino for Vogue; Juliet caps and veils clockwise from top left: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; Dresses left to right: 1; 2; 3

There was a time when young bridesmaids went out of fashion, but that day has well and truly passed what with Kate Middleton, Charlene and Kate Moss all having lots of little ladies at their sides. And, of course, the big style comeback of the year is the floral crowns they were wearing – if you like this look you can see loads more flower crown inspiration here.

Images: Top – Mario Testino for Vogue; Flowergirls clockwise from top left: 1; 2 ; 3; 4; 5 ; 6

For her flowers, I loved the way Kate used classic white roses and combined them with daisies. So perfect!

Images: Top – Mario Testino for Vogue; Daisies left to right: 1; 2; 3; 4

And finally, how lovely was Kate and Jamie’s six tier cake by Peggy Porschen? This is one style Cape Town brides really can steal, as local cakemaker Roxanne Floquet was trained by Peggy herself (and in fact, was responsible for making her mentor’s own wedding cake). Who says you have to come all the way to London to get A List quality service providers?

Image: Mario Testino for Vogue

Guest Posting on Bonafide Bride

18 August, 2011

If you’re wondering what I’m doing this afternoon, I’m guest posting over on Bonafide Bride while the lovely Kristin is on a hiatus. I’m showing how to turn one of my most popular inspiration boards, Sparkle and Blush, into a reality. Head on over and show us some love!

Pssst! I’ll soon be rolling out this inspiration to reality-style feature in my newsletter too. If you like it, let me know for which boards you’d like to see a buying guide!

Inspiration board credits:
Top row (l-r): Bride and groom (Jose Villa); teacups (AveryHouse); glittery dresses (Edyta Szyszlo); cake with crown topper
Row 2: Bride with gold bracelet (Our Labor of Love); glitzy table setting; escort cards (AveryHouse); bride with sparkly shoes (Kellie Kano); pink lemonade (Alice Hu Photography)

Row 3: Cherry blossoms; macaroons; glitter; hearts (Joielala Photographie)


Ghost House Engagement Shoot

18 August, 2011

Morning lovelies! It’s been a while since we had an e-shoot here on Cap Classique, so I thought it was time to share this rustic one from Cape Town photographers Allan and Wendy Thomas of Art Photo. I just love the location they chose for their couple, Gary and Michelle – an abandoned house on a dairy farm outside Durbanville. It’s so mysterious, and the dilapidated buildings add a lot of texture to the photos. Don’t be afraid to try something different for your engagement shoot instead of the standard white tee shirts and jeans on the beach thing – your photographer may have some interesting ideas for a location just waiting for the right couple, so be sure to ask! Thanks Allan and Wendy for sharing!

Cake Topper Alternatives

17 August, 2011

Let me tell you a story about cakes. When my friend Heidi got married last December, she decided to have an alternative to traditional wedding cake, so we dreamed her up a tower of delicious glazed donuts. Unfortunately, her rubbish day-of co-ordinator, who was supposed to stack them and pretty them up, just kind of piled them on a plate and disappeared before the ceremony had even started. The venue didn’t know any better, and they placed them alongside the lemonade bottles for cocktail hour. They looked just like another party snack. So (and I think you know where I’m going with this), by the time we came up from the photo session, most of them had been eaten by some very appreciative guests. Yep, that’s right. The bride and groom never even got to see their own wedding cake.

I know who I blame for this little story (which, in the end, became just a funny anecdote to tell about the big day, as all ‘disasters’ should), but I couldn’t help thinking that a cake topper would have made all the difference. And yes, with most cakes your guests aren’t going to be in any doubt, but there’s something very weddingy and special about having something perched on top of whatever you design (plus, a great topper immediately snazzes up a plain shop-bought cake). But what if you’re not into the little figurines? The good news is, there are loads of alternatives, and this is one of those places where you can really personalise your details. So if you’re having an Alice in Wonderland wedding? Top your cake with a teacup, or playing cards. You both love chess? Pop chess figurines on the top. Or how about origami cranes? The possibilities are limitless. But to get your inspiration flowing, here are some ideas from real life brides and grooms

Declare your love…

Sources: LOVE sign; fabric heart (our Labour of Love); DIY fringed True Love sign (Katherine Elizabeth); ‘we do’ wooden birds (Katelyn James); wire ‘love’ sign; ‘I Do’ scrabble archway

Sweet silhouettes

Sources (clockwise from top left): 1 (Simpy Silhouettes); (Gia Canali); 3 (Jen Huang); 4 (Simpy Silhouettes)

Little creatures

Sources: Peacocks in cage (Creative Image Photography); monkeys (Heather Waraksa); mandarin ducks (Ku Photography)

Magic monograms

Sources: DIY pinwheel monograms; curly monograms (Shang Chen); modern monograms (Aleit/Joe Dreyer); glitter monogram with heart (Blooms by Martha Andrews)

More fun ideas

Sources: Adirondack chairs (davina + daniel); message in a bottle (fancy that); polaroids (Brancoprata); playing cards; lego bride and groom (Natural Light Photography)

Real Wedding at Windmill Beach {Wiehan & Hananje}

16 August, 2011

You know what, I’m just going to say this (even though I know one day I may totally regret it). I love involved grooms. Yes, I know it’s tempting to be all “You know what honey, I’ll just organise everything because you don’t care about what colour flowers we go for, do you? You just pay.” In fact, I know this works for a lot of grooms, as well as brides, who already feel like they need to please their moms and moms-in-law and a variable army of aunts, uncles, friends and suppliers who have big fat opinions on your big fat wedding that you simply must take on board. I used to think the best system was for the groom to just have the power of veto. But writing this blog, I’ve been surprised and delighted at how keen some of the grooms are. (Keen as sleen, as my friend Abigail would say.) Admittedly, it’s often the most creative grooms who get most involved, and today’s is one of them. He kicked things off with one of the most creative, handmade, and truly South African two-part proposals I’ve ever seen, and then he and his talented bride designed and made everything for their Simon’s Town beach wedding. And you guys, it is beautiful. So heartfelt, and with such attention to detail – my best kind of wedding basically. Plus, Lizelle Lotter has absolutely triumphed with these photos, so light and airy and romantic that I could look at them all day. So grabba cuppa, and prepare to swoon.

Image: Wiehan De Jager (groom)

From gorgeous bride, Hananje (who by the way, is a pilot, which basically makes her the queen of kickass in my little book!):
Wiehan and I met at work at a graphic design college. He was cautious of relationships and I was definitely not looking for love. Well I guess the saying is really true: ‘You find love when you least expect it’. A year and a half of fun, laughter, friendship, love and just pure joy later we decided that Cape Town is food for the soul, and that the ocean, mountains and forests were exactly where we wanted to be. Upon deciding this Wiehan knew it was time to ask the parents, so he spent weeks on a project, making something special for his soon to be in-laws. He made twelve oxen out of clay and painted each one with a different word of devotion, which he presented to my parents with the question of my hand in marriage. They are magnificent and my father’s pride and joy!

Image: Wiehan De Jager (groom)

Wiehan moved to Cape Town first and not long after I came for a visit. He planned a whole romantic long weekend to Berg en Dal just outside Ceres. We arrived at the most beautiful stone cottage surrounded by mountains and Namaqualand daisies. The next morning he woke me up very early and told me to put on my warmest clothes, but would not tell me where we were going or what we were doing. I did what he said, got in the car, and being the curious person that I am, started guessing what the surprise was… I was way off! When we arrived at the destination, I was surprised with a snow safari in the Matroosberg mountains. Neither one of us had ever seen snow so the anticipation was exhilarating. We climbed into the little safari truck and bumped and bundu bashed all the way up the dirt road to the topmost point of the mountain, 2249m above sea level. We had a very wet, cold and slushy snow ball fight, built a wobbly snow man with Rasta hair (it’s a lot harder than it looks) and ended it all off with a romantic picnic, looking over snowy mountains and green valleys below. While I was enjoying smoked oysters with cream cheese he reached into his bag and handed something over to me… a present. I could see it was a book, so of course I did not expect a thing. I’ve always loved a good book and was quite excited to see what kind of book it was, although I was thinking that it was a bit thin for my taste. When I unwrapped it and saw the beautifully wrapped cover, I realized this book was different. Wiehan had hand bound and illustrated a book on his love for me… it was the most beautifully romantic thing anyone had ever done for me. I read through it… still not expecting the ending… I turned to the last page and it read/illustrated “Hananje Lombard will you…” The next page was bound closed with a bow and tied with a ring. I opened it and it asked “…marry me?” When I looked up, he was on one knee holding his hands out to take the ring from me to put it on my finger. I was so overwhelmed with joy that I didn’t give him the chance to do just that. I just flung myself at him and cried “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

We feel that the simplicity of nature is the most magnificent experience. That is what we were looking for when designing our wedding. A barefoot, joyous, no fuss, casual wedding on the beach. We searched high and low, up the West Coast, all the way down through to Hout Bay, but were unable to find a venue that was walking distance from a picture perfect beach. Our very last stop was Simon’s Town… what a beautiful little town! We found Windmill Beach, a small cove surrounded by boulders with a mountain as a backdrop… Perfect! Our colours were light blue and chocolate brown. Blue for the water and the brown for nature (and chocolate).

The atmosphere at our wedding was so relaxed, friendly and comfortable. We loved having our feet in the sand at our ceremony! We were also so blessed to have my Great Grandma there, who came all the way from Louis Trichardt for our special day.

Wiehan and I are both very creative and are always making little special things for each other. Our whole wedding was a mirror image of our relationship and love for each other and God’s creation. The aisle that we walked down was marked with huge hanging clay hearts, which we had painted with the words of devotion that Wiehan had painted on the oxen. Everything was designed by Wiehan. We hand made everything together: the save the dates, invites, menus, little boxes which held each guest’s gift, table numbers, table placements and name holders, for the big day. My mother surprised us with a stunning handmade guest book with the wedding theme throughout the whole book. Each page contained a special message on one side with space for the guests to write on the opposite page.

Our cake was definitely different. We decided to combine the cake with the hors d’ouvres. (People always get hungry when the couple are out taking photos). So we flew in brie cheese from France – it cost us a quarter of the price of a wedding cake and believe you me, the stuff you get here is not a patch on real French brie. It was the hit of the wedding, everybody from Wiehan’s four-year-old nephew to my 90 year old great grandma absolutely loved it!

My advice for future brides:

  • Spare no expense on an excellent photographer. If the one that you have in mind costs more than your wedding budget, phone the photographer up and ask them who their second shooter/trainee is – they are usually more than happy to give out the details and the trainee photographer’s pictures are often almost as good as their teacher’s. 
  • Make sure you meet with each and every service provider. When it comes to the DJ, bring a CD on the day with the important songs that you requested and give it to him just in case. We met with the DJ company’s marketer who apparently would then give the information over to the DJ who was playing at our wedding. We kept on insisting to see the DJ himself but the marketer insisted that it was not necessary and that is not how they did things. We chose our specific songs that we wanted and even offered to bring the CDs along, but he said that he had everything and it was unnecessary. Needless to say he didn’t play one song that we requested for the reception. He didn’t even have the father daughter song that I had requested on the day, so he just played whatever else he had.
  • The videographer will probably put music on the DVD which he feels goes with the look and feel of your wedding. After the DJ has established that he has all the songs on the CD that you have given him, take that CD and hand it over to the videographer to include in your wedding DVD. Two birds with one stone. Give the responsibility of bringing the CD, handing it over to the DJ and then videographer to the best man, or a family member.
  • If something goes wrong (as with our DJ) just let it go, the guests will never know that it wasn’t supposed to be that way, and you won’t remember being upset on your big day.
  • Last but not least, stop every few minutes and remind yourself to take it all in. The day goes by so fast that it’s important to take in each and every wonderful moment!

Thank you so much, Wiehan and Hananje! You’re both absolute stars. And as always, a massive thank you to the photographer on the day, Lizelle Lotter (you can see more on her blog here).

Service providers:

Ceremony venue: Windmill Beach, Simon’s Town
Reception venue: Boulders Beach Function House
Catering: Big Blue Events
Photographer: Lizelle Lotter
Videographer: Mandelbrot Films
Stationery: Dialogue8 Creative Communication – Wiehan de Jager
Florist: The Flower Warehouse
Decor: Bride, groom and Big Blue EventsFavours: Khayelitsha Cookies
Bride’s dress: Lady Marmalaide, Stellenbosch
French brie (in lieu of wedding cake ): Corné Deli
Macaroons: Martin Senekal Confectionary Design
Bride’s hair and make-up: Whale View Manor Guest House
Mother of the bride’s hair: Whale View Manor Guest House

Inspiration Board: Candyfloss & Lemonade

15 August, 2011

Ah, summer. There’s nothing like it. And for the most part, this British summer has been nothing like it. Which is why I’m off to Greece on Friday, woohoo! But in the meantime, I’m dreaming of a lighthearted beach wedding in shades of candy pink and warm yellow, with candyfloss and pinwheels and bunting and ribbon and stripy straws, and everything that makes a day at the beach carefree and wonderful transported into a wedding. You could even have a cake made to look like a sandcastle, and why not? Compliment your decor with soft flowers including cute Billy balls, and dress your bridesmaids in adorable alternating pink and yellow dresses. Oh, and don’t forget the popsicles/lollies! I love the idea of making alcoholic versions of these and serving them to your guests instead of cocktails. How cute would that be?

Colours: Pink and yellow

Top row (l-r): Candyfloss; flip flops (Natalie Spencer); bride door sign (Kristen Weaver Photography); pink and yellow bouquet (Honey & Poppies); heart sweets (Creative Push)
Row 2: Summer love sign (Sarah Layne Photography); sunglasses; beachy dessert table (Party Dreamz/Frog Prince Paperie); pink and yellow bunting (Stephanie Cristalli); lollies
Row 3: Bride with bridesmaids (Kai Heeringa); ribbon garland (Party Dreamz/Frog Prince Paperie); ribbon wands (Cameron + Kelly/Sedona Bride); lemonade with stripy straws.


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