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Make it Yourself: Cheese Wedding Cakes

24 August, 2011

As you probably know by now, I’m on holiday this week, so for your Wednesday inspiration I thought I would refeature an article that appeared in the February Cap Classique newsletter (which, by the way, is soon to be revived, so sign up on the right sidebar to make sure you don’t miss out!). It’s all about cheese cakes, which I LOVE, and how to DIY them. Enjoy! 


Images (left – right): 1, 2 & 3 from The Fine Cheese Co.; 4 from Martha Stewart

One of the most popular articles in the Cap Classique archive is our roundup of wedding cake alternatives, and the most viewed of these is the cheese wedding cake. This tasty savoury treat has become a trendy option for brides and grooms who want something a little different (or who don’t have much of a sweet tooth!). There are companies that will create cheese cakes for you, but many brides and grooms decide to build their own. Here’s how!

First off, find a good supplier – supporting local cheesemakers is ideal since it will give your guests a taste of the region (literally!). You’ll need to source a variety of cheeses in the same way that you might put together a good cheese board; a hard cheese, a soft cheese and a blue are a good place to start. Your cheeses should have different strengths and come in similar shapes (and of course, depending on the look of your wedding, you may want to think about colour as well). You’ll need cheeses that come in wheels, and they must be suitable for stacking, so no wet or fruit flavoured cheeses that may melt (you could present camembert in its box to overcome this if it’s a favourite).

Images: Just Judy

Ideally, you’d like to allow three to five layers of cheese and to get the traditional wedding cake look, you’ll want these to graduate from large to small. You could consider using small goat’s cheeses between layers or adding heart-shaped cheeses the way Sheyenne & Reynhard did at their wedding. Allow around 100g of cheese per guest or a minimum of 4kg per 50 guests.

Now it’s time to stack your cheese! Use a wedding cake stand or for a more rustic look, get a tree trunk base from a local sawmill (have it sanded and then waxed). You can stack the cheeses directly on one another or you could put greasepaper cut to size between layers. Decorate with fresh or dried fruits, herbs or edible flowers. Drizzle with honey for a bit of extra decadence. Alternatively, stack a number of smaller cheeses together as in the picture top right. Provide several knives for your guests and serve with bread and/or savoury crackers on the side. Easy cheesy!

Cap Classique real weddings featuring cheese cakes: Kira & JasonSheyenne & Reynhard; Keri & Simon; Sofia & Graeme

2 Comments leave one →
  1. 24 August, 2011 10:22 pm

    YUM-I can’t resist a bit of cheese, especially if it’s in such a gorgeous setting!

  2. 26 August, 2011 4:06 am

    Oh my goodness, you had me at cheese! Love this idea for weddings, cocktail parties, any occasion to display amazing cheeses and fruits in the form of a multi-tiered cake!

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