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Reader Query: Luggage Tags

4 November, 2010

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We love hearing from our readers, and helping them out where we can, so I was stoked when this email from Marisa landed in my inbox in response to our post on travel-inspired wedding details:

I’m getting married in June 2011 and was thinking of giving luggage tags as gifts to my guests. Do you know where in South Africa I can find luggage tags similiar to those on the Style Me Pretty website?

There are a couple of options for finding luggage tags similar to those in the picture, which make brilliant guest favours and escort cards. It’s something that everyone can really use. If you’re planning an intimate wedding, you could just pop into your local luggage store to see what they have, but for bigger weddings, the best option is to contact one of the companies that deals with corporate gifts and can create an order for you in bulk. The other great thing is that they can often add in an element from your wedding stationery in the place of a company brand, or you could include a thank you message to your guests instead. With a bit of creativity, this could be really special.

One company in South Africa that sells these luggage tags is Dlala Mandla, based in Natal. When I contacted them they were super friendly and helpful, and quoted R50 per luggage tag for an order of 100 of their dark brown genuine leather tags (the price reduces for larger orders).

Another South African company I spoke to was Cowhide Concepts, based in Cape Town. You’ll need to email them directly for a quote, but they’re happy to produce their luggage tags for a wedding party. I just love the funky fabric lining!

A final option you could consider is to approach your local craft workshop to see if this is something they would custom make for you.

Good luck Marisa! And please send us photos!

Do you have a question you need help with? Email us and we’ll do our best to answer it, or find an expert who can.


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