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Swan Wedding #2: The Inspiration

16 August, 2010

Quite frankly, I think I’m turning into bridezilla. How I love all those little details photographers get to capture and post on their blogs: signage, pretty flowers, bunting, teeny flag namecards and candy coloured straws. I say: “Sweat the small stuff!” But the problem is, now I have gotten so amped to do it all. You see, since getting engaged, I have spent hours and hours on the internet, literally devouring wedding blogs. My heart wants to do E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G (DIY-style of course) but my head knows that my heart is crazy!

Much to my friends’ relief, Dirk suggested our colour scheme (I would never have been able to make up my mind!). It will be a vintage red and bright blue, and we’ll ease things up a bit with plenty of neutrals and natural fabrics. The colours inspired our decor ideas which include gazillions of balloons, flags and ribbons dancing in the trees.

Secretly, we just want to hold the bash of the year. With friends and family flying in from all over, we want a relaxed, fun day spent with all the people we love. Dirk likes to call it a glorified backyard braai (BBQ) and we want to create a warm, personal atmosphere where everyone feels free to just relax and let loose! There should be plenty of dancing up storms, belly laughs, hugs and kisses and poking fun. A good ol’ Afrikaans wedding with “lank sal hulle lewe” and “kinders by dosyne” in all its glory (for our non-South African readers, those are Afrikaans songs traditionally sung at weddings. Basically it is a wish or blessing for a long life and children by the dozens). Fun fun FUN! But I will let the images do the talking – I am super excited to show you my moodboard!

Credits: Straws; ceremony; wedding party; buttons; table runner with mason jar bouquet; bowtie; bride & groom; tablescape; invitation with rings; pretzel favours.

Next time: Anelle shares the big venue hunt.

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